To Tuck or Not To Tuck . . .

After telling my girlfriend last fall that tucking your shirt in was out of style and made you look old fashioned I am seeing pictures of people tucking their shirts in again. Not the popular partial tuck but the full tuck. I am torn because not tucked hides the extra winter pounds but tucking is new and interesting which I am hungry for. It seems like fashion is in a rut for me. I think it is time to change it up by bringing back some tried and true trends. The next question is to belt or not? I am seeing both on fashion blogs. I belted in this shoot because it was a chance to wear one of my Brighton belts. The only product I have of Brighton is their belts because they are pretty and high quality.

I wanted to be comfy today and so I pulled out my very favorite pair of vintage jeans. Lucky has always been my favorite brand of jeans and I have a lot of them but I found these at a thrift shop last year and wow do I love the comfort and the vintage look. I put on a white tank because it is going to be in the upper 80s today and added a light weight cardigan for when I have to run inside anywhere. I added a favorite amber necklace, bought on one of my visits to Matzatlan and wedge booties. I love these booties because they look worn on the toes. It reminds of my boots as a kid. We had horses and rode all the time and the only way you got new boots was if you out grew them or wore a hole in them. Those were the good old days! 

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