I Wanted Hot & Act Your Age

I was cold in the mountains of Idaho so I came to Arizona to warm up. And warm up I did, we have been breaking temperature records for over a week and it looks like this trend is going to continue. The upper 80s are predicted all week with Wednesday expected to reach into the 90s. If that happens it will be the earliest on record.  Normal temperatures for this time of year are in the 60s. Today I wore one of my favorite J Crew top, perfect for a warm day, Levis, Michael Kors Wedge Sandals and my Michael Kors watch. Around my neck I work my beautiful amber necklace that I got several years ago in Mexico.  It was mid day when I took these pictures and by the time I was done I had to go home and change into shorts I was so hot. 

Now changing the subject quite a bit. I hesitate to share this way because I don't want the focus of my blog to be about aging. I want it to be about a positive journey through life. And I'll keep it that way but today . . .

I have to report that I am not feeling very creative lately with my outfits or anything else. I may slow my posts down a little while I recharge. It might be partly that I miss my quiet mountain home already. To be honest, I am reflecting on whether I will continue blogging. Folks, I am feeling really old and in conflict with myself as to whether I am being foolish thinking that I can inspire women to feel good about themselves at every age. I don't edit my photos at all and wear very little make up, truly what you see is who I am. But, I am 55 years old; is there really room for me in Blogsphere? Am I coming across as someone who has nothing better to do? I really want to see women enjoying themselves at all ages and I try to provide that to others. Sure we have ups and downs but we can still have fun and enjoy life as we journey through. No one warns you about aging and it is kind of scary and can be lonely.  I go through periods where I find blogging fun and then I go through periods where I feel very foolish. Today I hear the voice of our society saying, "act your age."  So this week foolish is winning out. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! Smiley Face!

Thanks for stopping by!