The county western girl in me never goes away.

No matter what I wear, I always love it when I get that country western thang goin on. I grew up in rural Missouri riding horses, living the country life and its just in my blood I guess. I probably have lightened it up a bit with pastels and pearls but you get the picture. The scuffed up toes of these booties, boot cut jeans and plaid button down shirt make an outfit reminiscent of country and western style.

Do you have a style you just keep going back to like it's home?

I'm so excited today about this boot camp I've been participating in. You know when you do something and see success and you want everyone else to know about it in case they want to do it. I'm only in the second week and I can already see change. We aren't supposed to weigh ourselves the whole time but I can see a difference in the way my clothes fit and the way my waist looks. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I can get rid of belly fat at last which can be an indicator of health issues at some point.

The most important thing is, I'm learning lifestyle patterns that I can change and maintain after the boot camp. I have ate so little for so many years and I knew it couldn't be right but it's what I had to do. I ate what I wanted but just not very much. Of course I would stray at times but would immediately start gaining.

I have seen a lot of disease and disability in my family due to obesity, smoking and inactivity. A lot! Because of that I was sort of "scared straight." I also have been tested genetically and know I have genes for obesity so I don't take my health for granted. I always tell myself that genes are just suggestions.

Anyway, this is my first boot camp of any kind and it is just what I needed. I can start the new year being in control of my health via eating and exercising the right way.

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