Closet Mystery!

I usually try to plan an outfit before I put it together but today I just went into my closet to see what would happen with no planning. What mysteries were hiding in my closet? It turns out, plenty! I started with these old grey jeans and went from there. I love grey, but because it can be, well . . . so grey, I love to add a pop of color. Pink suede pumps seemed perfect. I usually don't get into a bunch of accessorizing but today I thought painting my nails the same pink as the shoes would really add to this look. It turned out so fun.

I'm wearing grey jeans, charcoal turtle neck, grey and charcoal duster, pink pumps and a belt with a little bit of bling. It's almost too busy but, oh well.  I pulled up the sleeves on the duster because I just love the way it looks, kinda cool casual, laid back. Ha Ha! As if! The long necklace seemed necessary too. 

Do you have style tricks that you love?

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