Change . . .will do you good.

I reported in a post a couple of weeks ago that I signed up for an online six-week boot camp that would help me build muscle and get stronger. I made it though week one and it was a bear! But I am still in the game, more determined than ever. I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle so I read and try a lot of things. I have to eat very low calorie most of the time with lots of running and hiking to stay my healthy weight. This boot camp has taught me a lot of new things that make sense. I am loving the challenge!

Meanwhile, while I was thinking about ways to improve my health I was so tired of my hairstyle and knew I wanted to make a change there too. My stylist and friend whom I have been going to for ten years, helped me pick out a style that I love. I can wear it straight or curly and do so many fun things with it! But it is a change for sure. I have always loved change and believe it can only move you forward. 

For this shoot I wore a poncho purchased a couple of years ago at Costco, it is a beautiful soft cashmere with soft neutral colors. I have on a thermal top (also bought at Costco) for added warmth, skinny jeans and booties. Yep, I like this change just fine!

How do you incorporate change in your life?  Do you see it as a good or bad thing?

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