Little Steps

This is my first post of the new year and I am celebrating little steps. I have one week left of boot camp and although I have not transformed completely, I have made little steps. My clothes fit nicer and I feel great! I've learned some new ways to carry on improving my fitness and health and I am happy with the results of my hard work. I was pretty sure at times that I was too old for this intense boot camp, and I thought I hated everything good for me for a while (even though I have always loved healthy foods) and I decided more than once that the whole thing was stupid. But now I know I'm not too old and its not stupid to at least try to take better care of my self.

To celebrate, I wanted to wear something bright and I wanted to wear my shirt tucked in with a belt. I posted last winter that I had a feeling the full tuck and belts were going to be a returning trend and sure enough, you are seeing it more and more. The statement belt is very hot right now. The belts I am seeing are way too expensive for my needs, but luckily I have several really cute belts that I am always looking for a chance to wear. I can't wait to try many more belted outfits through spring and summer. My denim trousers are so old but once were much snugger, now they are comfortable as well as fashionable. It goes to show never get rid  of things you love because if they look good on you now they will many times again.

I've updated my blog. I like to try a new look at lease once a year. I love to play around with design ideas. My biggest desire and challenge is to keep a clean and simple design. I almost lost all my old stuff in the process but managed to pull it all through. I hope you like it and continue to visit me as I grow, older and hopefully better!

Thanks for stopping by!


For more about the boot camp I participated in and how to sign up, go here. Or click on button below to go directly to sign up page.

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