Showing A Little Shoulder

Even though I don't believe in fashion rules for women as they age, I still have many ingrained in my personality that I have to think about it when I get a little gutsy. But I must say it is getting easier all the time. Today I am showing a little shoulder. 

I'm wearing a Free People sweater, Old Navy Rock Star jeans, low heeled booties and a hat because my hair is a mess and because I liked how it went with my outfit. 

Do you break the rules without thinking about it or do you hesitate just a little?

This week has been really rough. I have the saddest heart that I can remember. I thought the best way to react was by trying to do good things for others. I started out on Tuesday by making cranberry walnut pumpkin bread and putting a basket together with some of my pumpkin pecan butter to take to our Veterinarian. She and everyone in her office are kind and thoughtful people and they have taken care of my puppies for about 10 years. I wanted to thank them. On Wednesday I participated in an event to benefit a non-profit group called, Girls on the Run. This organization promotes self-esteem and healthy lifestyle for girls. I had to add one mile to my normal three mile run and ASICS would donate a pair of running shoes to this organization. So I ran my four miles and RunKeeper, also a contributor, tracked and reported the run and the donation was made. Last for this week I run a 5K to benefit Veterans. I donate money to participate and the activity brings awareness to the cause and raises more money. This run happens tomorrow, Friday. I don't know if doing these things makes me feel better yet but, I do know that giving is better than taking and that love is better than hate.

Thanks for stopping by!