How I wear a poncho.

I have had this black turtleneck poncho for many years. I pull it out about once a year to style it and always wonder why I don't wear it more often. It makes anything else I wear with it, look so stylish. I don't think ponchos ever go out of style, so they are a good piece to have in the closet. I like this one because it is not too long or big so it doesn't overpower me.

You know me, I wear a lot of hats and lately I can't get enough of the beanie. I have learned that close fitting beanies don't look very good on me but those that are slightly bulkier with a nice sized pompom on top balance out my head, if that makes any sense.  

In this outfit I added my favorite pair of skinny jeans bought at Costco last summer. They are the most comfy skinny jeans I own. They are high wasted and really elongate the body. The brand is Buffalo. I also got this very nice black thermal top at Costco. It came in a two pack and the quality is go good, I plan to pick up another pack. They are a great staple in the winter. My Vince Camuto booties were a steal earlier this year at Nordstrom Rack. And there you have it, how I wear a poncho.

Note: I am seriously so lame. I noticed little spots on the front of my jeans and realized I had worn them three days in a row. I did't realize I had spilled so much on them! Also, no makeup except for mascara, so I am looking pretty sloppy. Sorry! 

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