Leather and Lace and Velvet. Too Much?

Today, I worked on putting a few holiday outfits together that would work for the events I have coming up this season. For starters we have a family thanksgiving dinner at our Aunt and Uncle's house that includes family and friends. Then in early December we are hosting a Christmas party at our house for the local chapter of the Idaho Aviation Association. We held it last year and had thirty plus guests. Then, we will have a few other events later in December.  So I need a few outfit choices.

I didn't buy anything new this year because over the last few years, I have collected some staples that work over and over. This outfit is a lace turtle neck top with mixed media leather leggings, plaid pumps and a velvet clutch. My only jewelry is big sparkly earrings. I worried about all the different textures: leather, lace and velvet but since they are all the same color I think it works!

I have a couple more outfits to post about this week that are also staples in my closet. What are your holiday favorites to wear?

I signed up for another 5K for Thanksgiving morning that benefits the Boise Mission. We are supposed to have snow in McCall by then so I hope we don't have a slippery race in Boise. I love to run especially when others benefit in some way. And I love that I can eat a big dinner knowing I worked off a few calories! Ha Ha! 

Thanks for stopping by!