Welcome to another edition of my,"outfits for the holidays!" This will probably be the last one. We have snow now, so I am excited to start doing shoots that show how I dress for cold snowy weather.

But first, this outfit! I mean, I just love it! Again, comfort is my main requirement and this outfit has it. I'm wearing the softest faux fur vest by Steve Madden that is in it's third season, with a warm v-neck top, leggings and over the knee boots. I am guilty of when I find something I love, I buy another one just like it. These, Trouve faux leather mixed media leggings are one of those items. This is my third season wearing them and I am so glad I got two pair because they are major staples. The have faux leather in the front with fun stitching detail and then a nice fabric back that has enough weight or thickness that nothing shows through (like panty lines)! These Michael Kors boots are well into their second season and go with about everything! My vest is also entering its second season and my top is several years old. I am sure I will pulling them out next year at this time too.

What items do you find tried and true?

Thanks for stopping by!