Cold Shoulder Tops for the Holidays

When I was younger it seemed like every holiday outfit I wore was uncomfortable. I think I was trying too hard. Now every outfit I wear is so comfortable I could sleep in it, minus the shoes. I've learned what I am comfortable in and I go with it. This Clara Sunwoo top is loose and simple but has the cold shoulder detail and uneven hem that makes it stand out. I wore it with my Trouve multi media leggings, Michael Kors over-the-knee boots and a sparkly necklace with matching earrings. All things from holidays past that stand the test of time. 

What are your holiday secrets for festive comfort?

I'll let you know a secret about me. I am a humbug kind of person around the holidays. For many reasons too boring to share, I am over them before they begin. So, rather than suffer through this year I decided to do something fun that would engage me and take my mind off my Grinch attitude. I signed up for a six-week boot camp starting November 28th. This is a kick butt program, with a strict macros diet and exercise regimen that includes heavy weights. I will probably die trying but I am determined to get more fit and a boot camp seemed like a way to kick start me. It is managed online so I can do everything at home. I am a fairly disciplined person so I think I can get through it without too much cheating.  My goal is to start the new year feeling strong and fit. Here's hoping!

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