Falling for Fall Fashion

We are in full fall mode here in our part of the country. Chilly days and cold nights are here for the season. Today we had some sun and it felt good be outside taking pictures. I wanted to wear something with great fall color so I dug into my collection of jackets and found this one. It is an INC from Macy's and probably five or six years old, but it is one of those things you keep because you can wear it again and again. When I bought it, close fitting tops were the style so I had this almost body suit like top I wore with it. Thankfully loose tops are now in vogue and I can wear the jacket in a more relaxed way. Of course I am wearing the same jeans you see me wear all the time, a cami  and my favorite old necklace. There are some things that just define my style and I wear them over and over and they seem to go with everything in my closet. This necklace is one of those items. I have had it for eleven or twelve years and still reach for it most days. 

Do you have an item that stands the test of time while defining your style?

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