Fall Fashion in a Mountain Setting

Like so many people, fall is my favorite season of the year. We usually have a long season which I love. It typically starts in early September and lasts to the beginning of November. This means I get to wear the fall styles and the colors I love the most. My closet if full of rich earthy colors, jewel tones and even some grey and charcoal items. Today, I wore a caramel tunic with a bold scarf, skinny jeans and fringe booties. I thought I would be way more into the fringe trend when it came out a couple of years ago but one pair of booties was all I ended up getting and they have filled that trend desire for me. The top is a tunic and kind of long on me so I took the tail and twisted it a little and then stuffed it in my pocket. It gave it that look I am seeing of the knotted or twisted tops, which I like. 

Do you have any do it yourself trend ideas? 

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