Out of the Box

Today was a cold and cloudy day but I was determined to live it like it was a warm and sunny day! I got up, went for my three mile run in 40 degree temperatures, came home made a healthy breakfast and then decided what to wear for the day. I like to think of my closet and clothes as my grown up way of playing dress up. Today, I wanted to put together something different, something out of the box for me, using things I have had for years. I decided on black leggings, low heeled suede booties, a black tunic with a leopard cardigan and red purse. All of the elements of this outfit were things I have had for a while but had never put together. I loved the outcome. First, I was completely comfortable. Second, I was out of my casual box of style for a change. I felt trendy and modern. This is an outfit anyone can copy with elements they probably have in their closet right now. All I can say is, Fun!

Do you have old favorites in your closet that you could wear in a new way? Please share! 

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