How to turn a top into a knotted or twisted tee

I love the style right now of a tunic or longer top but I am short enough that often they over power my body and I get lost in all that fabric. But I can't seem to give up on trying to make it work. Recently I found a way to wear these kinds of tops that puts them in better proportion to by size. I take the tail end of a longer top, (lighter weight tops are easier to manage) and I twist it on the side and poke inside my pocket. You could also poke it inside the waistband. I was amazed how it gave my tops that look I am crazy about now called the knotted or twisted top. As a matter of fact I found a few on a very good sale and ordered them because I love the look so much. With this new technique I am using though I can make most of my tops look like they came that way.  I am having fun with a basic twisted top and a colorful blanket scarf. I next mission it to make my scarves not seem so overpowering. A way to do it came to me the other night and as soon as I try it, I will share it with you. I think a little cutting down to size will make all the difference.  

Do you have tricks you use to make a trend work for you better?

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