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Usually, anytime I want to lose a few pounds I just reduce my calories a little and increase my exercise a little and boom, fairly easily done. I never let myself get more than five pounds over what I like to weigh. I always remember my mom saying it is a lot easier to lose five or ten pounds than 20 or 30. At one point many years ago I had to lose 20 and she was right. It took me a year. This year however I have increased my exercise level but can't seem to put my fork down so although I am not gaining, I certainly am not losing. But you know what? So what. It is cold and snowy and my body is telling me to eat and sleep and it feels good. I have confidence that I can drop weight when I feel good doing it.  I am going to give myself a break and not worry so much about about eating except to focus on it being healthy. I feel as strong as an Ox and as healthy as a Horse (whatever that really means) and its all good. 

I told you on my last well being post that I would show you my new (motivational) running outfit. I get a new running outfit and shoes each year before I run my first 5K. My first 5K this year is in February and I am training for it diligently. I slacked off running this summer and fall (dropped down to two mile runs) so have to train to get back up to speed. This week I am running 2.5 miles every other day. Next week I will run 2.75 and the week after I will be up to the 5K (3) mile distance. At that point I will work on speed. I am enjoying the runs and feel so much better when I am running regularly. I can't believe the price of workout clothes anymore. Leggings range from 50 to 200 bucks and tops are even more. It seems ridiculous, so everything I have on, is a sale item. I mean really, all I do in them is sweat. Even my shoes were 60% off. But they are good shoes. Years ago I heard a runner who had trouble with her knees say Asics were the best shoes for people with sensitive knees. I tried a pair and now they are the only brand I wear for running. My knees are easily injured but when I wear Asics I have no issues. 

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