Cuckoo for Coffee

This is not an advertisement. No one gave me this product to review. It's just a very fun gadget that my husband and I thought we would try because we are cuckoo for coffee! To be honest he researched it and found the best one for what we wanted and I don't even know the brand. It is a coffee bean roaster. We always grind our own beans but now we can also roast them to the degree we enjoy most. See a 30 second video of us actually roasting our beans here.

The roaster is really small, about 12 inches tall. About the size of most coffee grinders. It is cute so doesn't look unattractive on the counter if you want to leave it out. It is actually a great conversation starter when having guests over hanging out in the kitchen.

We bought a case of one gallon cans of green coffee beans. They are from Costco online so high quality with great reviews.

You put four scoops of the green coffee beans in the roaster. It takes about five minutes to completely roast the beans depending on how light or dark you like your beans. The smell is heavenly and it is fun to watch them bounce around in the the machine. You have to wait at least three hours to use them so we made ours the night before. We were very surprised at how smooth the flavor was with our first batch. 

See how the beans change color. This is such an easy and interesting step in coffee making. We absolutely love it.

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