or·gan·ize: arrange into a structured whole; order

I am very contented and even happy when I am placed in a room that needs to be organized. Fortunately, I have plenty of those rooms right in my own home.  I had one in mind and I carefully opened the door to a room that I knew needed a major reorganization. I call it the Dish Room. 

I have a dish room because as part of our business we host executive retreats and also we love to entertain. We can have parties from 10 to 35+ guests at one time. For that kind of thing, you need lots of dishes. Thus a dish room to hold the overflow of things you need, to host events. In the first pictures you will see the before. It was not decorated, small appliances lined on the floor, dishes stacked haphazardly on shelves, etc. The result of a few months of taking things out and not putting them back where they belong.

A fun part of my dish room is that it has a hidden door that leads to a wine room. It is a very heavy door with locks and alarms and I always feel stealthy when I enter the room.  There is nothing valuable in the room just cases of wine still in the boxes on the floor, junk piled around and overall disarray. One corner of the room has shelves for food storage but with all the stuff not put away and you could barely get to it. I still have yellow sticky notes showing the vintage of the wine. I have little metal tabs to put up some day. Maybe in the Spring when I also plan on painting the walls.  Take a peek.

Here is where the work was going on. Dishes and miscellaneous stuff everywhere.

Here it is all done! Pictures can't show how much better it looks. 

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