More Fancy Farm Style

I have thought a lot about how I would describe my personal style and a few weeks ago it came to me. I would describe my style as fancy farm. Because no matter what I put on I have to farm it up a bit to feel comfortable. I might wear a really nice jacket and heels (here) but I will wear them with old jeans or I will wear a camouflage top with a sparkly necklace and pumps (here). Sometimes I wear a pretty dress and then add a utility vest (here & hereor jean jacket (here). Today I wanted to wear a bright color to match up with how I feel inside, bright and cheerful. Emphasizing my fancy farm style I wore a bright green silk blouse, something you might wear with slacks, a skirt or nice dark jeans, but I wore it with ripped skinny jeans, suede over the knee boots and a Sherpa vest. 

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