The difference of a little distance.

Its hard to believe I have been in Arizona for a week already. I have been busy settling in for the rest of the winter months and already dreaming of spring in the mountains. My heart seems to yearn for my quiet country life in the mountains but my head tells me its time to take a break from the deep snowy world that surrounded me 24/7. Sometimes you have to let your head rule for your own well being. So here I am, getting up at 5 AM to get my work done so I can go out to play. I didn't hit my running schedule as religiously as I wanted last week so this week I will get back on track. Also this week I plan to venture further out and hike some of the mountain trails. My favorite one takes an hour to complete and I love to make it to the top and look out over the city. Stay tuned for my style post Wednesday and have a great week!

Last week this was my view.

This week my view is very different!

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