Just a little nest . . .

Is seems you can take the smallest, most simple shelter and make it home, a little nest. My home project this week was just that, nesting. If you have followed my blog for a while you know we have this little condo in Arizona that we stay in now and then to visit family or get away from the snowy winter. Since we don't spend a lot of time here and when we are here we don't stay inside much we have never went all out to decorate. We actually spent a lot of fun times, picking things up at consignment stores and thrift shops to fill it up. But each time we come and realize how much we enjoy the place we do a little more to make it homey. I have been here this tirp for about a week and after doing the normal cleaning and opening the place up, I came up with a couple of fun little nesting projects to do today. 

First, I wanted to hang these pretty plates I got a while back at the thrift store. They are Pier One Import plates that are colorful and fun and I thought they would look so cute on the wall next to the wine bar and table we bought at a consignment shop. See what you think . . .

Before, the walls are bare.

Here are the plates and the hangars I used.

Here is how the hangars attach to the plates and then I had little gold picture hooks to hang them on. 

One is up!

Two . . .


After hanging the plates I decided my tiny kitchen needed some sprucing up. Notice the back splash, nothingness. 

Now, see how I added a little whimsy to the room.  This is just a temporary thing, at some point I plan to paint the whole place. After these pictures I decided I should probably polish my sinks! Well, maybe later.

One last thing. Has a stranger ever left you a gift that made you smile every time you looked at it? Well, when we bought this condo the previous owners left a single box out in the storage closet. It was a box of dishes.. But these weren't your everyday dishes. They are the prettiest colored little plates made in France. You can tell they weren't made in modern day United States because of the size. There were  four dinner plates, six salad plates and three pasta bowls. They seem old and very used and I love them. I looked them up online and they seem to be from the 1960s and the color is honey gold. They don't seem to be valuable except in the pleasure they bring me. We use them every day and what someone else treasured at some point in time, we now treasure. See . . .

Thanks for stopping by!