I have heard many times that the secret to happiness is gratefulness. And happiness is imperative to well being. I believe this to be true. I am so grateful to be able to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and I find a lot of happiness just living in the moments of beauty God grants me. It seems funny, the times I look down at my toes and am reminded of how grateful I am. Life is hard for most of us at times, but when we recognize the simple gifts around us, we find happiness. Here are some photographs I took at times when looking down at my toes made me realize how grateful I was in that moment.

This may not look like much but this is what I run in, in the Spring. And I am happy to stomp through the mud puddles. It makes me feel like a kid, free of heart and full of spirit and gratefulness that at 55 years of age I can run like the wind for several miles. 

After a long winter in the Idaho mountains you start to think the warmth of Spring will never arrive. Here is a day late in May when I put on my boots to hike through the muddy forest around me and then lounged on the the deck in the sun, coat and all. Even my sweet McCall was grateful that day. Gratitude=Happiness.

I know that most everyone can relate to how you feel when on a cold day, you put on a pair of new fuzzy slippers, bought for eight bucks at Walmart.  Maybe I could have bought more expensive ones, but these were cute and made me grateful that I am totally happy with slippers from Walmart.  I was grateful that I was warm, safe and at home.

I am so grateful that for a couple of months of the winter, I can go stay in sunny Arizona. I can sit by a pool, look at my toes and smile. Gratitude is > Happiness!

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