Oh yes she did . . .& Fancy Farm Style

I don't know where I come up with these stupid blog titles. I will just being doing something and they will pop into my head and I will laugh out loud, look around to see if anyone saw me laughing for no apparent reason, and then next thing you know, it is on my blog. But usually there is a connection.

Do you ever see something on someone and think that it is so cute that you have to have it? Then, you get it home, style it the way you saw them do it and you don't look anything like the picture in your head. I tried on several things today thinking, that is not how I pictured this.  And . . . do you ever see the coolest do it yourself idea and try it out and think, that is not at all the way it looked when they did it. Ha ha. This is my life! When I was a child I was constantly doing things that never turned out right. Once I decided I wanted a picture in my room to look antiqued. I lit a fire to burn the edges, caught my bedspread on fire and quickly burnt a big hole in it before I got it out. I was very particular as a child, my room was immaculate but from that day on I had to put a throw pillow on the hole so no one would see it. The pillow looked ridiculous laying in the middle towards the foot of the bed. Drove me nuts! Lesson learned you would think. Ha ha. 

I am wearing a pretty cream colored tunic that I have seen everywhere, but really had to work, to make it look OK on my body type. I mean really, what is up with the long shirt tail hanging down your back side and why do I like it? I'm not going to worry about that today. Next I have on a pair of designer skinny jeans, bought at Costco for $19.99 that I actually wanted to have a frayed hem. So . . . I saw a DIY video and chopped those puppies up! And actually, I like it!  I am wearing dupe Valentino heels that are so cute and in a pretty cream color that matches my top and bag. This is an outfit I will wear when I go out to lunch later this winter when I am in Arizona. It does have my fancy/farm sense of style. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


I am always so excited when I get comments and very appreciative! If you ever want to know where I got anything I am wearing or showing, just let me know and I will get right back to you!