Red & Plaid

I am not good at envisioning outfit ideas but when I see something I like I can build on it. Today I saw a picture of plaid pumps and thought of my red plaid pumps. I adore these shoes and having always thought red was not my color, learned it is indeed my color when I wear these pumps. I have started to think that a person can wear any color if they present it in the right way. I've heard so many people say they can't wear a certain color and I think, who told them that, the color police? I say we all forget all the old rules we were taught and wear what makes us smile!

So I put on a red off the shoulder top, black jeans and my red plaid shoes! I threw in a surprise element of a leopard belt. All I can say is it makes me smile! Now you go ahead, put something on that you were told you can't . . . and smile!

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