Dresses are the new jeans!

Not really, I'm just playing with you. But for me I have found a whole new respect for the dress. It's not just for going out. I am loving the light weight sweater dresses that are a bit shift like, with no real structure. The are comfy, not scratchy, and cute. You can move around in them very easily and wear all sorts of accessories and shoes to change them up. Today I am wearing a burgundy knit dress with my favorite vest of the season, and wedge booties. I think the vest adds a little structure to the dress without compromising comfort. To show how casual the look was I grabbed my broken tripod and old camera and headed out into the forest. 

I most often learn from my mistakes. Climbing up on a rock is one thing but one should think about getting down, before the climb up, right? Well, I didn't and it was a little tricky but I made it without breaking any bones. 

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