Gearing up for a new blogging season!

For the most part I took the summer off from blogging. We have been really busy and I just couldn't find the physical and emotional strength to put in the time. It was a wonderful but short summer and now as the season changes, so do my interests. I hope by the beginning of October to post more regularly. I am excited to share my lifestyle in the Northwest Mountains!

I am running out the door in a few minutes to meet a friend for lunch. It is still warm and beautiful here so I can get a little more wear out of my summer things. I added a fall touch with my scarf that has colorful feathers and my adored Adora bag. See The Rich Life on a Budget for more Adora Bag colors! 

Today I am wearing a chambray shirt dress with a scarf, and casual wedge shoes. I have on fun tassel earrings, bag and scarf that add a pop of orange (my favorite color). 

October is officially my favorite month. I met my husband in October, the weather is most perfect in October, Pumpkins and pumpkin colored things and flavors are everywhere and it is the month of my very favorite holiday!

It is also the month when I really get into health! Lots of veggies and fruit! Ha ha! Am I the only one who thinks I am funny? Is that blurry or have you had too much fruit?

Thanks for stopping by!