You had to be there. . .

I had a really rough week last week. It was one thing after another that seemed to beat me down. So the beginning of this week I thought a trip to the thrift shop was in order. I always seem to forget troubles and enjoy a good treasure hunt.

While in the store I heard this young but strong voice asking the lady behind the counter if they charge tax? The lady said yes. I looked around and saw a little  girl who couldn’t be more than 10 or 11-years-old,  stomp off with a look of determination. I walked around and noticed her again having a discussion with her brother. She was saying she had five dollars and with tax she had probably spent three. She had found the treasure of her life! She was holding a pair of very high heeled, open toe shoes. They were floral, absolutely adorable and I would guess a size 5. She was saying, “Mom’s not gonna like it but I am getting them!”  I smiled as proud as if she were my own. I told her they were very cute shoes indeed, but could she walk in heels that high? She assured me that she had tried them on and walked in them just fine! She proceeded to put them on again and they were a perfect fit. She happened to have on very vintage boot cut jeans that were the perfect length for the shoes. She looked like a miniature model! She had wild curly hair and an attitude that will take her a long way! I was on her side and said they were perfect for her. She said, “I know and I’m getting them!” I liked that child/woman and recognized her as an original. I wish I had taken her picture but I was so impressed I wasn’t thinking. I love encounters like that. I will smile for days with that memory. With spirit like that out in the world, things can’t be all that bad. Right?

As for my treasure hunt, I found another great casual mountain outfit. I’m wearing American Eagle jeans and a button down shirt with a label called Stuffed Shirt. I tried to look up the label and all I could find was that it was a vintage shirt. It is very well made and in perfect condition and who doesn’t need more blue and white striped button down shirts? I also found a Coldwater Creek scarf that was in perfect condition and was the most beautiful fall colors, all of which would go with so much in my closet.

Black and White photo idea from "The Style of Terry."  He said I could use it. You have to check out all his blogs, social media!

thrift time 5.jpg

This time the hazy photos are not completely because I am a poor photographer. We have fires all over the state of Idaho and we now have one that covers more than 5000 acres as close as 60 miles from our home. Last report said 0% contained. They have air quality alerts out saying not to go outside unless necessary. It's kind of scary and my heart goes out to the fire fighters and their families and the folks who lose so much. 

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In loving memory of our sweet Lilac.