On Saturday last, I was in a sloppy mood. I wore cut off shorts (cut off by me), old college t shirt, and flip flops. I wanted to get out of the house and inspire myself to get it together so I went to our local thrift shop. Lucky is all I can say! I scored a cute little rolling pin, three very well made, looked like new straw bags, a vintage pair of Lucky jeans in my size and a Jones New York top. The top was wrinkled and iffy but I could see it laundered and ironed (I can see like that)! For my outfit post I added a cute pair of old shoes by Kenneth Cole and a Brighton belt. 

Above is one of the bags I found.

I posted about my closet organizing here and wanted to show you an update. 

Still practicing the Selfie! Why? I have no idea!

See the other two fun straw bags? Small and perfect for little outings!

Have a Lucky day!

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