Much ado about nothing

My back sprain is better but I am still a little limited as to what I can do. Meanwhile, I continue to look for projects that need to be done. Earlier in the week I read an article about an App called Poshmark. You can use it to sell clothes you no longer want. The article made the whole process sound simple and a fun way to clean out a closet. I started with one dress and have now entered about 35 articles to my Poshmark Closet. It is a great concept. Now we'll see if it works. 

Using Poshmark got me started on a summer closet organization. I love my closet to be neat and functional all the time. I purge clothing every few months because I don't like to keep things I don't use consistently. I also have been wanting for some time to be able to take Instagram pictures of my outfits but haven't had a place where the background was right. So, I spent most of today, organizing, rearranging and functionalizing my closet. I think I just made that word up but oh well. I took all my jeans out of drawers and hung them up, I moved more things to the seasonal closets and I hung my hats and scarves. I also hung a picture that I have had forever and love it because it makes me feel happy. My belts are now hanging on the wall on display insuring I will use them more often. All my good bags are in their cloth cover bags on shelves and other bags are displayed, again, to make them more available and usable and to make the closet more pleasing to the eye.

You might notice one section dedicated to my husband who chooses to wear only black shirts and blue jeans. This is fine by me, I love that he has his own style. And he is very easy to buy for!

I will give more details with the pictures.

Closet organization outfit. Much coffee please.

Act I, enter stage left. My makeup table was an old computer desk that I decorated. It works perfectly and has storage underneath.

You might be starting to notice black. But check out all the other characters in the play.My shoes are above organized by color, heels in the back, flats in the front. My husbands shoes are below.

My bags are my friends, most have names.

Hats on hooks and scarves hanging nearby. I used feather napkin rings from Pier One Import to decorate the hook they hang on. I have a few very pretty paper bags that are too pretty to through away.

I orgainzed tops by sleeve length then color. My belts are now where I can grab them quickly. Big fun basket to catch laundry.

I thought this was a fun picture taken in the mirror. Dresses, skirts, pants and jeans hang together on the left and more casual shoes are below.

For some reason I couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash so some pictures were taken with my iPhone which has a better camera anyway. Lovein them comfy jeans.

Practicing my selfie technique.

I love my scarves hanging together and easy to reach.

These hooks are for hanging items while I decide whether to keep, return, sell or donate. Sometimes I hang my handbag there also while I decide which one to use. Exit stage right.

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