Senses. . .

An Angel named Addie posted a comment on my blog today. She will never know how thoughtful her comment was and how much I appreciated it. She inspired me.

A little story . . 

Several days ago, I decided my chicken's play yard needed beautifying. I thought what a fun project for me to do and how happy they would be with a prettier home. I decided to pick assorted and interesting rocks from the forest and use them as a border around their pen. Off to work I went! About half way through, bending over, a pain shot through my lower back and I knew that could not be good. But it subsided and back to work I went. I went on to do some more lawn work including mowing. So far so good, right? About 30 minutes after I went to bed the pain set in and has only four days later started to go away. What a bother! I  must confess the pain has been pretty bad. I have given birth twice and this is only a notch less painful!

Inactivity will not help back strain so I have been careful but kept moving. Today was great and I went for a two mile hike and realized something. Sometimes injury or illness reminds you how lucky you really are. Throughout the last few days I was very happy to know that this would pass and I once again would be able to do the things I always do. Walk, run, hike, garden, cook, play with my beloved pets and love my family. 

Do you ever think sometimes that the things you take for granted are the most rich when you really notice them. Today while hiking I noticed the perfections and imperfections of the pine cones on the trail, the sweet scent of pine in the air, even the sun shinning smelled good. I couldn't wait to get home to look at and taste the wonderful Rosemary Shortbread cookies I had made earlier and to admire my pig bowl that makes me smile. While taking the pictures for today's post I could hear my two chicks, Lilac and Peony clucking in the background and see my dogs, McCall and Stella watch me like I was so fascinating. The scent of lilacs from my yard made me feel so alive and grateful. 

Our senses are so vital to our well being and happiness and I for one am taking notice and holding the knowledge closely.

I picked this outfit today because it seemed to align with my thoughts. Simple black and white makes my senses snap. 

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