I've Expired!

I turned 55-years-old this week and on the day of my birthday I noticed my drivers license expired. What a bother! So today I am going to the DMV to renew my license and this involves having my picture taken. The good news is that my license will be good for eight years! 

I have never thought about preparing for my driver's license picture and have lived with some really terrible photos when I need an ID. So I thought I would put just a little effort into the event this time.

I am wearing a top that is one of my very favorite colors, a beautiful green, and my new birthday pearls. For this post, I added a sun hat, denim shorts and summery sandals! I am also wearing my beautiful bracelet from Shop The Rich Life. It is the exact color of my pearls and a perfect balance. I love the idea of leather and pearls!!! Anyway, wish me luck with my license picture! Do you think they will let me wear the hat? Ha!

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