Until we meet again. . .

My favorite seasons of the year have finally arrived and to be honest taking time away from doing the things I love to work on my blog is not something that I am motivated to do. This is my first post in a couple of weeks and I have debated whether to stop blogging altogether, take a break or to slow down. Today, I made the decision to slow down. There is no reason not to prioritize life and put the things that bring pleasure first. I have been approached by many companies to act as an influencer and have dabbled around with reviewing things but at the end of the day it seems to take all the fun out of blogging for me. Don't get me wrong, the idea of making money or getting free things was exciting for a time, but then somehow it became another job and lost it's luster. I have enough jobs right now and not enough play time. So I hope I don't loose your interest, but you won't be seeing as much of me for a few months. 

But for this post I wanted to share one of my favorite things to do. I started running in my mid forties for health benefits and to stay in shape. I fell in love with it and have ran ever since. The most I have run at one time is 5 miles and I run a 5K every year. On an regular basis I like to run a couple of miles. That is the right amount for me to feel good and do good for my body. 

Last week I ran the Race for the Cure 5K in Boise, ID. I had so much fun and always tear up as I see how many people breast cancer effects. Being healthy enough at the age of 54 (I'll be 55 next month) brings a lot of joy to me. I see so many people fighting for their lives and I thank God I am privileged enough to even walk, let alone run. 

Next I wanted to show you one of my favorite outfits for summer. This cute shift dress is like wearing PJs! I thought it would be fun to make a sort of tassel necklace with a scarf. I am wearing bright orange tassel earrings and wedge mules. This in my mind is as basic and casual as it comes and is perfect for this time of year. The large wicker bag is perfect to take shopping so I can carry any found treasures!

Well, its time to go change into old clothes suitable for tromping around it the wet Forrest. It is Morel mushroom season here. I found about a gallon yesterday but it is the very beginning of the season and there are lots more to seek out! I also have more garden to plant and my two little free range chickens just free wandered up to the front door which is a no no. Oh I also have home made sour dough raising that looks ready to pop in the oven. The joys of life!

See you around!


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