Change Will Do You Good

Every year around March I start wanting change. I want the weather to change; I want to change my hair, makeup, clothes and shoes. Out with old and in with the new is my motto. I am a little behind this year but I have found the hair cut I want and am heading to my stylist in Boise to start the process. I am loyal and have gone to my stylist since I moved to Idaho nine years ago. Of course she is the best of the best in her profession. I have picked out a fun spring outfit to wear and when my hair is done I will get my nails and toes done also. I am going to change my makeup routine a little and by the end of the day Friday, I should feel like a new woman. Not that I have a problem with how I am now. I work hard to stay fit and have considered and even tried youth enhancing procedures (see here) and for now I feel that I want to learn to accept myself as I age, wrinkles and all. The things that were important to me when I was younger have changed and although at times finding what is important to me now has been difficult, I am muddling through. I want to support the idea that our wrinkles are OK. I am constantly bombarded with products that imply wrinkles and aging is negative. As I ran today I thought about a couple of things. One is that I no longer run just to stay slim and run 5Ks, I run to feel fit and healthy. The second is that although it is not easy to change as you age, the change will do you good!

See Sheryl Crow video, Change Will Do You Good here.

This is the cut I am getting on Friday!

I'll wear this jacket  found    here   .

I'll wear this jacket  found here.

This top is from last year but perfect colors for the jacket.

Kut Jeans found    here   .

Kut Jeans found here.

These wedges in the color Punch here.

RL bag bought at TJ Max this winter. I wanted a bag in this color all last summer and finally found one I love!

I haven't decided on jewelry but it will be minimal, probably some fun earrings and a bracelet.

Wish me luck on my change! And check out the new Doggy Blog post here!

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