Painted Shoes

This post is all about my shoes. My husband's lovely aunt Elaine, paints shoes for a hobby. She has painted a few pair for me and I love them. It is so fun to have an original pair of hand painted shoes done by someone so special.

My outfit is not really what I was going for but it was comfortable. I'm wearing white jeans, chambray tunic, tassel necklace and my painted shoes. Next time I think a short jacket would improve the look and maybe slimmer pants. The tunic will be worn this summer as a dress. I can dress it up a little with wedge heels or keep it casual with flats. I might even try a belt. I am really loving tunics right now but I think styling them is a little difficult.

Not to change the subject too much but I applied Baby Foot yesterday so in about a week my feet will be shedding their skin like a snake and I will have feet as soft as a baby's. That is what I have heard anyway. Has anyone tried this product? If so, how were your results?

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