Neon Britches

Britches: Southern slang for "pants" or "jeans." It seemed so boring to say pants so I fell into my southern slang. Exciting news here! Next month I will be a chicken owner (or renter)! I am renting chickens along with a coop and pen from April to October. If it works out for me I can adopt the chickens but the current owners will take care of them over the winter. This is an amazing business idea! See It will be so nice to get fresh eggs every morning. I will name my hens, Peony and Lilac after my favorite flowers.

I am not sure how I got off track. I was wanting to tell you about my outfit. I've had these neon green pants for a few years. I love them but was a little worried about the brightness and wasn't sure what to wear with them. Last night instead of sleeping I was thinking about my little problem and came up with this outfit.

The pants and top are from Target, the shoes are from Marshals, and the bag is from Dillard's. My statement earrings were bought on a trip to Mazatlan Mexico a few years ago, along with the bracelet and my watch is MK. 

I didn't want anyone to think I am off my 70's fashion kick so when I saw this hairstyle I knew it would add just the right touch. I remember many women sporting this style back then. Gal Meets Glam shows you how to, with a much better result! I think I will practice and get better because I really like it on her.


I am linking up with Style Nudge for Shoe and Tell ! Hope you will come and join us!

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