Shazam! Shoe and Tell Co-Hosting!

sha·zam  pronounced, SHəˈzam


. . . used to introduce an extraordinary deed, story, or transformation.

This is how I felt when the stylish and accomplished Cherie from Style Nudge asked me to co-host Shoe and Tell Fashion Link Up this week! I am delighted and honored to participate! I love shoes about as much as I love any inanimate object and so here I am sharing with everyone! 

I thought about what I wanted to wear and decided that since yellow is a trending color for spring, I would pull out my bright yellow pants. I styled them with this cool CABi top and one of my favorite pair of navy heels. My 70's influenced fringe clutch, a butterscotch Amber necklace, MK watch and colorful bracelet topped off the look. The CABi top has fun buttons on the hem so you can twist and secure for a casual affect. This is what I would wear for a day around the house. I can kick off the shoes and vacuum or cook a meal or I can leave them on, grab my clutch and go out with my hubby for a burger. Which is exactly what we did! It's all good.

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And now, show us your shoes!

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