Night Out

I usually don't share too much of my personal life on this blog. I like to share my outfits, occasional decorating projects and not a lot more. I am afraid I would really bore you.  But this week we met up with very good friends for a night out.

I wish I would have got better pictures of my outfit because I put it together at the last minute thinking about comfort mostly and it came out really pretty and fun. We went to a place in Scottsdale, had dinner and shared a bottle of Malbec wine. For dinner I had a Brussels Sprouts salad that was amazing. After dinner we went back to our friend's house and had a little more wine and cigars, listened to music and sat by the outdoor fireplace. Yes, I too smoked a little bit of a cigar. They really are kind of fun now and then. It was a warm night, the stars were out and the fire was warm and laughter filled the air.

I'm wearing a cream shirt-tail cami from the loft (here), Grey Shale colored cardi from Nordstrom (here), I wish they had these in more colors because I would buy them all, flared, dark-wash trouser jeans from Ann Taylor (boot cut style here) and Sole Society shoes (old), see below. They are brown and cream so they went perfectly with my cream cami and soft brown cardi. 

Our very dear friends are the nicest people and we truly enjoyed the evening. 

Tuckers and the Chows

This is Breda, she is really innocent here, I talked her into trying it.

And this is Ben, I'm glad you can't hear me singing.

Me and hubby RT

Sorry, I had to get one selfie in. 

Ladie's toilet at restaurant


Gentlemen's toliet

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