Not a burn your bra revolution . . .

It may not be a burn your bra type revolution but it seems to me there is a fashion revolution going on. All the old rules have basically been thrown out.A big broken rule that has me ecstatic is that you can wear white all year long. I strictly adhered to that rule my whole life until a couple of years ago and even then I would think about who I would be around. Yesterday I saw a blogger wearing an outfit of white jeans and a plaid flannel shirt and it was poetic! So today I made the idea my own. The white jeans and denim shirt is nothing new and the plaid scarf is everywhere now and not at all original but when I put them all together it felt like something I could totally enjoy. Just think of the possibilities with white jeans and all the holiday color! It makes me giddy! OK, maybe a little too much coffee this morning. And the bun thing on the head . . . static fly away hair was driving me mad. 

Are you wearing white? What is your favorite way to style white this season?

It is snowing here again so this afternoon I am going to make Lasagne all Bolognese! This recipe is amazing and makes a large batch so I put half in the freezer for another day. Click here for recipe. 

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