Dear Santa, I Can Explain . . .

This post is to share with you my fun sweat shirt but to also give you a peak into my winter wonderland. I can't even begin to describe how much snow we have been getting. It might stop for a few short hours but then it starts back up. I took the pictures for this post when it was just lightly falling but as soon as I sat down to write it started snowing heavily again. They are saying we could get six more inches tonight and have snow predicted everyday for the next seven days. I have been doubling up on my exercise because all I want to do is eat and sleep. Yesterday I made home made dinner rolls for ham and cheese sliders. Today I baked the ham and made an amazing oatmeal walnut cake. Tonight we will watch a movie and eat hoping all this snow doesn't take out our electricity. Now take a walk with me.

First I dressed to go outside. I'm wearing my Dear Santa, I can explain . . . sweatshirt, scarf, boots and hat all with a pop of red!

You must be this tall to walk in the snow!

Oopsie! A tree weighted down with snow toppled onto our roof! My husband is on his way to get the chain saw. A very useful tool in these parts of the country.

The snow is still falling, but lightly right now. Good grief!

Our roof was built to hold a very heavy snow load but we have way more than normal for this time of year. If it keeps up we will have to hire professionals to remove the snow from our roof and we won't be able to see out of our lower windows when they are done. This has only taken place once in the ten years I have lived here. Talk about cabin fever! 

We have to have our lane and drive plowed to get out. Typically our plow man comes every week or two but this year he has had to come almost every other day. He is running out of places to put the snow and it is only December! 

Just as this picture snapped the snow fell off the tree to my right! The sound is like a roar and very loud. I can't imagine what an avalanche must sound like. 

Time to go in and run on my treadmill. I'll pretend I am running on my summer trail. Then I won't feel so guilty eating too many ham and cheese sliders and cake tonight!

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