Me and My Shadows Staying Warm

I have learned how to dress to stay warm when I am just hanging around the house. It is something that took me a long time to master but it is simply layering. The layers need to be light though. I start with a tank or t shirt, then add a flannel shirt or sweater, and lastly for when I am sitting for a while and get really cold, a big comfy scarf. As I move around I can just drop off layers if I get too warm. As silly as it may seem, a warm hat makes a difference when trying to keep warm and all the better if it adds fun to an outfit. I have these beanies in several of colors now, this grey, a red, a black and my favorite in leopard. 

When setting up to shoot an example of my layering technique, my shadows decided they wanted to be part of the action. As usual, if I am sitting for even a minute, they are right there with me. They never want to miss a chance to snuggle (nor do I). 

Tripod debacle! My broken tripod decided to ignore the duck tape I had on the leg and fell over sending my camera flying across the room (ugh stone floor). But I taped her back up and took pictures and everything seems to be working. The Force Must Be With Me!

One last thought! Don't forget to check out your local thrift store for books to read. I stopped by today and stocked up because this is the time of year to enjoy a good book while winter moves over the land.

How do you keep warm in the winter?

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