My Uniform with a Surprise

I am always reading other blogger's posts about their uniform. I think it is a fun concept and started thinking about what I would call my uniform. My environment influences what I wear and this time of year I have certain types of clothing I grab every morning of an average day. I work from home and live where it is colder from October to June, sometimes even July. There is lots of snow and thankfully usually lots of sun, although you wouldn't know that by the conditions lately. Anyway, I know it is too late but long story short. I usually wear baggie boyfriend jeans, warm boots that are easy to slip on and off, a pullover sweatshirt or sweater and if I am sitting for very long a cardigan for extra warmth. Outside excursions call for an added coat and my everyday coat is a parka. If I can get by with just carrying it I will. See what I mean?

No matter what I put on each day I like to add something surprising to make me smile. This cute little necklace seems to be the little extra something to add for today. It is made of big green pearls, a gold butterfly and a red flower. Just fun!

How would you describe your uniform?

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