Moose in Boots & a Coconut Scrub

The other day I went to Target to pick up a pair of Hanes sweat pants. You know the big baggy kind that have been around for years. I used to pick up a pair or two every year for five to ten bucks. I love them because they are so comfy. But, I have been looking for them now for almost two years and can't find them. All I can find is leggings or yoga pants. Unacceptable! So I decided to check the men's department and there they were for five bucks! A small worked perfect! While in the men's department I thought I would look around and when my eyes fell on this sweatshirt I knew I had to have it. A moose in boots! 

I bet you are smiling now!

 A couple of days ago I heard Christy Brinkley on TV say to use coconut oil and sugar to exfoliate your skin. I have never been interested in spending a lot of money on skin care products. I have found that the simpler things work as well as the expensive for me. And this sounded so logical and healthy. I tried it and am in love. I have coconut oil and sugar in my kitchen. I love coconut oil because it can be used for almost anything. I even use it as deodorant (it is a natural deodorant and works)! For my face, I just take a teaspoon of coconut oil and a tsp of sugar, pop in the microwave for about 20 seconds, mix and apply. I only make what I will use each day because the coconut oil gets too firm if I leave it in the bathroom. It takes a good warm washcloth to remove but my skin feels like silk when done.  I use it on my hands also and can't believe how nice they feel. I have decided to use whole body, it's that good!

Here is what it looks like after I microwave and mix.

Here I am with it applied. I gently apply it to my face and neck and then remove with a warm washcloth. I feel so good when done! Notice Stella behind me. She is obsessed with coconut oil. Every time I have it out she is all about trying to get her nose in it.  Such a sweetie!

Do you have any natural beauty secrets?

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