But First, Coffee

I recently took a DNA test through 23andMe just for fun. It will tell you where all your ancestors are from and all sorts of genetic detail. I few funny things I learned was that I have a gene that makes me wake up an hour earlier than most people. I also have a gene that says I am slow to metabolize coffee.  I have always known that a little coffee goes a long way for me but have built up a tolerance because I enjoy drinking it so much. Anyway it was a fun way to learn more about what makes me tick. 

My outing for the day was to trek down to the road to get our trash can. McCall and Stella thought they would tag along. For some reason the snow this year has put me into a state of shock. I can't believe so much has fallen and am not sure I was ready for it. But the beauty of falling snow and the silence of a snow covered morning is amazing. I have on my leopard beanie, black parka, snow boots and my But First Coffee T-shirt. 

My world is pretty much black and white right now. Tis the season right?

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