Stay Trends

Throughout the decades of my life I remember trends coming and going. I can look at about any picture and tell you the decade by the fashion. But for the last few years I have noticed that some trends are staying. The rule seems that if it is comfortable and looks good anything goes. For instance, I wore maxi dresses in the 70s. They were big for a while but  were a trend that looked dated fairly quickly. Then a few years ago I started seeing them again. They were a little different due to fabic and style but they immediately caught my eye and I started snappig them up. I had a friend who made fun of me and called me a hippie. But here it is several years later and maxis are still everywhere and I don't see them going anywhere soon. I mostly saw them as warm weather pieces but lately I have seen beautiful dresses with long sleeves perfect for cold weather. Another trend that I have heard now for a couple of seasons is out of style is the skinny jean. But I don't see it going anywhere. The fashion industry may be telling us they are out but as a consumer I don't see giving mine up. They have all the elements designed to stay on the hips of many women. They are comfortable, perfect to wear with the tunic/over sized top trend right now and show off all the amazing boots we all have.  We have invested too much in beautiful boots so give up a jean that showcases them. Bottom line is some style elements that are called trendy are really just classic. 

What trends do you think are really here to stay?

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