Rocks in your pockets. . .

My adventuresome nature is genetic I am sure. My parents were adventuresome is so many ways.

My mom's range of hobbies as I grew up taught me everything I needed to know about life. She was a horse woman, animal lover, dog trainer; we even had fish aquariums with all types of beautiful fish. The way she could sew was pure artistry and everything she cooked was magic! She made sure I had sewing lessons, riding lessons, and that for every event in my life I had the perfect thing to wear, provided by her loving hands and giving heart.  

My dad saw the beauty in everything around him and taught me to do the same. He was a mushroom hunter, a fisherman, he taught me survival camping, how to figure out directions and the time of day by where the sun was in the sky. He collected fossils and rocks and always seemed to have rocks in his pockets. He had a rock polisher and we would put the rocks we found in it and listen to the rumbling for weeks until they came out shinny like gems. He made everything fun. We lived in the country were things like coconuts and at times even bananas were exotic. I can remember him bringing home a coconut and we would all gather around as he opened it and we would all get to hold it and taste. It was a wonder of the world. He did the same with caviar and Spam! My childhood was magical because of my parents and their adventuresome spirits. 

It rained all night and day today and we needed it. I couldn't help but want to go out and smell the air and absorb the misty, chilly day and look for rocks. Every day is a chance to experience life. Isn't it grand? Never miss the chance to carry rocks in your pockets!

They look like they are looking at their reflections in the lake.

The gold pine trees mixed in with the green are Tamaracks. They turn gold in the fall.

County roads. . .


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