What not to wear. . .

I thought it would be fun to wear some clothes that I have had several years for this post. The top is so pretty and feminine and having a 70's vibe, I thought would go with flared jeans. As much as I hate it, pictures can tell me when I am delusional about what works for me. The jeans I am wearing are not what I would put with that top again. They had white stitching that distracted from the top. I should have worn a more plain and lean pair of jeans. The shoes were also wrong. They are really cute shoes but the color was not right for this outfit. They kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. Wearing a empire waist top is tricky for me. For pictures I need to stand straighter or the top over powers my body. Overall, I love the separate pieces, but not together. 

I guess it wasn't my day to take pictures. No matter what I tried they kept coming out grainy. I switched over to another camera last night that is newer and really tried to read about how to take better pictures (again). Maybe my next try will go better.  I really think I need a very nice camera that is mostly automatic. Like my iPhone, it seems to never take a bad picture. Anyone have advice? I don't care if they are perfect but I would like them to not be too grainy or fuzzy. Some days pictures turn out fairly clear and others they are really bad. I finally gave up and considered giving up the hobby of bloging. But after finding a new blog created by this lovely lady (She She Show), I was inspired not to give up. After all this is supposed to be fun for me. When it is no longer fun I will quit. 

Thanks for stopping by!