Out Door Wear! I thought I would share some of the outdoor wear I have been collecting for this year. There were two specific items I knew I wanted and I looked a long time to find the perfect look along with the price tag I was willing to pay.

1. I have dreamed about a blanket coat like the one I found this season. It is everything I have been looking for; lightweight so I don't feel like I am carrying a second body, yet warm enough for chilly days and nights. It has beautiful fall colors and and is structured so you don't feel like a box. 


2. Who doesn't love the cozy, luxurious look of fur? Thanks to technology faux fur is being seen everywhere. This year I have been looking diligently and finally found the most beautiful vest. It adds bulk as any vest is going to do but it is soft and light weight and very pretty. 

This coat was not on my list but was so cute when I saw it online and deeply discounted. I thought it would be a perfect everyday coat. I was right, I really like it. It is casual but classic and goes with everything. It will be the perfect backdrop for many warm scarves this winter. I can't wait to style them!

Last year I didn't buy one outdoor coat. I have such a wonderful collection I didn't feel the need. I think what I have added for this year is perfect! New hats and scarves can take older coats and jackets and make them look new and on trend!

Thanks for stopping by!