These Things . . . 2015

Last October I wrote a post titled, These Things . . . It was a post where I reflected on the the things that I would miss about summer ending but looked forward to of the coming winter. It was a sort of melancholy post. I decided to write one for this year and maybe make it an annual post. Part of my melancholy this year comes from this story. 

When I was a young girl my first babysitting job was for my two little cousins, Bryan and James. They were so cute and always into trouble. Memories of my first real responsibilities and all the fun we had came back to me because James wrote a letter to Bryan who passed away 15 years ago. He was a test pilot and died in a crash while testing a plane. Flying was a true love for these boys. James has honored his brother by spending the last 15 years spreading his ashes over the places that Bryan would have wanted be. The post was so touching and a tribute to the love of brothers and family. Anyway, I feel heavy of heart thinking of all James has endured so bravely since his brother left this earth. They went through more than most children growing up but they always had each other.

So being so grateful for life and loved ones still with me and for knowing special people who have passed, I look forward to the changing season. I will miss . . .

summer clothes

I look forward to . . .

winter clothes

comfort food

beauty of winter snow

winter nature

real Christmas trees 

this year's Christmas tree possibly

visits to Arizona

sitting by the fire

long winter naps

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