Winter White.

The other day I was out by the pool taking pictures. Really bad pictures! I looked the part of a professional photographer because people were waving and smiling and one older gentleman asked me, "Are you a professional photographer?" I smiled and sadly said no, a very amateur photographer. He said he was a professional and that he had been one for 30 years. Photographed all over the place but especially liked Hawaii. After we shared pleasantries and parted ways I wanted to kick myself. Why didn't I ask him more and learn from him? I will keep my eye out so I can talk to him again. Meanwhile, I deleted every single picture I took. I know anyone reading this blog is cringing so thanks even more for stopping by and I promise I am working all the time to learn and do better. I also promise to comb my hair. Meanwhile I needed to get pictures of how I wear my winter white. Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget and Jill of Everything Just So are hosting their monthly How I Wear My and this month it is winter white. I used a couple of sweaters for this post. 

The first gallery of three pictures features a batwing sleeved sweater by BCBG Generation. It is light weight with lovely open leaf designs. It is soft and so pretty. I put it with skinny jeans, and OTK boots and in one photo I added a beautiful Calvin Klein scarf that was a gift from my  mom. Thanks mom!

The second gallery of three pictures features a Free People bat wing hooded cardigan. It is so comfy and casual. It is perfect for days like today when it is 60 degrees. I completed this outfit with a Chico's t-shirt and skinny jeans and OTK boots.  

I'm heading over to "How I Wear My" right now!

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