Over 40 Shame.

For a while now, I have been reading that women over 40 should not wear things that show their upper arms; they should not show their legs, except from below the knee to the ankle (and even then it is not desirable); they should not have “long hair” (not sure what long is), and they should not let their hair go grey unless it is cut very short. Women over 40 should not attempt to have a healthy body that looks young from behind or wear anything that might make others think they are trying to look younger.

All this makes me kind of sad . . . angry even. Most of these conservative proscriptions are coming from women over 40. What next? A veil over our faces?

Many of us look at each other and see humans who, with all their differences, are beautiful individuals. We need to speak out against those who pre- and proscribe style based on age, skin and hair color. Some women enjoy fashion; others enjoy other things. All are beautiful and worth admiring. We are on the same side, aren't we? With the challenges we all face, should we be criticizing women for showing their arms past an arbitrarily selected age? 

Just me thinking here. . .

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